Why I write YA Action Adventure

March 8, 2016 Things that happen in my life!  No comments

I was asked recently why I didn’t write Romance, at first I didn’t know what to say. So I asked, “What do you mean?” This person replied, “Well, your a woman, and most female authors write romance.” I was shocked and kind of peeved. Well ok, a lot peeved. But then I started thinking, and yes there are a great many female authors that write romance of some sort. I decidedĀ  not to be upset and thought I was going to set this person straight. So I said, “Well if it goes fast, blows up, or is riddled with bullet holes I’m all over that.” In which they replied, “But don’t you just love a happy ending?” I decided IĀ  would take the chance and said, “Yes, I do, especially when the bad guy gets his but kicked.” Our conversation quickly ended with a truce. Haha!


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