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What did you think?

March 14, 2016 Book Updates and Tid Bits  3 comments

Here’s were you can tell others what you thought about The Barrier. Good, bad or indifferent, please share your thoughts. After all you, the reader, is what its all about.

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Story Updates

March 12, 2016 Book Updates and Tid Bits  No comments

So this past few months has been a roller coaster of crazy! I have learned a great deal on this journey and these last few months is nothing shy of consistent. So, since the release of, The Barrier, in November I have watched with enthusiasm, the success and the apparent not success. I have searched the internet for information on what I may or may not be doing right. I must say it’s not easy to sift through the stuff and find what will work for me. The thing I don’t like is the guessing game, try this and try that. Well in the madness a sudden realization came that I didn’t meet one of my own deadlines, to get the Queen Ambrosia story finished by Jan. Well here it is March when the Minca’s story was supposed to be done and wow, its not even conceived in my brain...

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