Tangent Stories

Tangent Stories

Do you have a History teacher that if you ask a random question, they’ll go off on a tangent for the whole class time? Have you ever read a book where a character comes and goes, but make an impact on you and your totally bugged that you never hear about them again. Well these ‘Tangent Stories’ are where we explore the beginnings and sometimes endings to those cool and not so cool characters.


Queen Ambrosia – coming 2019

The Legends says the waters of something have magical healing powers, but the Wanderers are the only people brave enough to live among the shadows. Their world renowned horses graze on the magical grasses. Even though they are sought after, the Wanderers are not viewed as a worthy people.
In a cast system and at the bottom, the Wanderers stick to themselves, protecting their own. Ambrosia’s dream is to become an excellent horse breeder like her father, but the Choovino, the Wanderers shaman, says otherwise.
As the only child left of the legendary Lavari, the hidden daughter of the God of this world, Ambrosia possesses unique powers and gifts that will be a blessing and a curse for her people.

The Minka – Coming 2019

The Minca have left their home in search of something more. The world around them towers over them, but that doesn’t stop their love for life and adventure.
Turkill is strong and a furious fighter, his desire for more than the peaceful life in the humid jungles, takes him on a journey he never imagined. Ladtwig the younger brother loves life and his heart is bigger than he is, and so are his clothes.
They together stir up trouble and humor everywhere they go. With superstitions and ancient legends, these two make for more than you bargained for.

The Tooaha De Dannan – Coming 2019

A supernaturally gifted family torn apart by greed and jealousy. A war where one brother was forced to give up his powers and become mortal, a missing sister and a curse from the God who created them. Creatures sent to destroy, time realms and portals.
Occult Lore, druidic arts, magical skill, witchcraft and sorcery, lead a once bright a delight-some people to their ruin.
The Sev-Rin-Ac-Lava, a powerful combination of relics, when united can evoke the powers of the universe, sought after by the cursed Shadow.