Realms of Edenocht

 In a time of desperate measures, the Queen of the most powerful city in Edenocht threw the world into a fallen and broken state in an attempt to destroy the most powerful Necromancer the world has ever seen.  The once magically enhanced world is no more and the elemental beings that once inhabited it are gone. The only thing strong enough to bring it back is the ancient artifacts of the Sev-Rin-Ac-Lavah and the only one strong enough to use them is The War Wizard.

Edenocht’s only hope is a War Wizard, but none have been born in a millennium, until now. Hidden from the Necromancer in a time realm not his own, the future of the world resides in a barely grown man’s destiny. The War Wizards protectors did the best they could to prepare him without the use and teaching of his magic and Shaz must now quickly learn his true potential and battle the evils of the shadow world.

As a being which holds all the elements and the dreaded shadow magic, Shaz must find the descendants of the ancient magical races and the artifacts before the Necromancer does and the world of Edenocht’s future succumbs to the evil Shadow.

Shaz, Edenocht’s forbidden War wizard, his elemental mage Serin and, miniature warriors, the Minca begin their insurmountable task of securing the ancient artifacts, the Sev-Rin-Ac-Lavah. Their first task of finding the sheath to the sword Shaz already has takes them to the realm of their friends the Minca.

The companions find themselves in a world torn open by earthquakes and melted earth as the evil Necromancer Semias Trevelis re-incarnates an ancient Runecaster to remake one of the ancient artifacts. The only hope in closing the torn and scorched realm is with the help of the two remaining descendants of the original mages of old, but Shaz doesn’t even know about them, to begin with, let alone who they are or how to find them.

Can Shaz and his friends be able to outsmart the cosmic powers at play and bring together the elements once again or will there be a ripple of desolation across the planet?

As the descendants and heirs unite and fortify one another with their special skills, they find themselves in the heart of the center realm, Ebassia. The recently deceased King has left the enormous duty of ruling such a vast realm to his daughter, Oladesni, who has only the head Necromancer of the Velsharoon as her mentor.

With an unrelenting desire to be released from her own prison, Isot leader of the Velsharoon uses the coronation of the new queen as her opportunity to execute the Binding of the Crypt spell through the Pact of the Everlasting. Shaz and his company of elemental mages and miniature warriors must find a way to stop the Necromancer from committing an unthinkable act of mass murder.

The company is thwarted by one thing after another and must race against time to stop her.

Time is ticking as the Timeless Plains becomes the new battle ground for evil, but first Shaz and the crew has to find a way to save Serin’s family from the toxin of the Ruin Spiders that are now invading the underground. Riddick and Amirra take their journey to the far reaches of the Turbulent Reef where time turns at a much slower rate.

Turkill and Ladtwig head to enlist the help of the Gryphton’s to secure the venom of the Saraswati Bugs, while Shaz and Serin head for the spiders in the Timeless Plains.What they find is unsettling at best and the reality of their current situation becomes real. A Jaduuk army is increasing at exponential speed and killing everything in the Timeless Plains. Realms start to unite as the Ebassian soldiers, the Gryphton’s, and the once lost to the ages Rangers join the struggle.

Shaz and his united efforts battle the forces of the Jaduuk, only to find out that Gavin Rhill isn’t the one at play. Shaz’s shadow magic is getting stronger and he is now up against a God with an old debt to settle, his hatred for his brother, Shaz’s ancestor and is determined to take it out on Shaz.

In the old, old, half-forgotten times, before the Gardens of Tartary were overrun with weeds, was the age of the Shontie.

The Shontie were dragons that had wings like the butterflies and were the tiniest of all the dragons. The Shontie once blessed the world with their kindness and healing.

But beyond the woods, beyond the seas, beyond high mountains was a jealous dragon.