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Confessions of a Self-Published Author

October 17, 2016 Things that happen in my life!  One comment

Well here it is the middle of October and I haven’t written anything for such a long time. I regret to say it’s because I have been distracted with other things. And as every October, Halloween is around the corner and I am knee deep in costumes. I’ll post pics of the process soon but for now I am going to write a little about something I don’t know anything about.

Marketing! Yep, I have come to think of this as a four letter word. However, I really want to change that and figure out how to use the dynamic versatility of the internet to build my author platform. I don’t just want to sell books to people who got sucked into my fabulous advertising, I want to create super fans. People I can inspire and send on a little escape from reality from time to time...

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