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What did you think?

March 14, 2016 Book Updates and Tid Bits  3 comments

Here’s were you can tell others what you thought about The Barrier. Good, bad or indifferent, please share your thoughts. After all you, the reader, is what its all about.

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Thanks Deals to Meals!

March 12, 2016 Things that happen in my life!  No comments

This is not anything I normally do, but when you find out your good friend is an author, it’s kind of a big deal~ and I want to share it with you😉 I wanted to give a shout out to her new book titled The Barrier. There’s magic, wizardry, action and an intense story line all teens and pre-teen’s will love. My children are avid readers and have loved this book. Most have read it a couple times even! The best part is she’s writing a series. How cool is that?!? So, if you need a new book to get your teens excited about reading, give Suzanne’s books a try! 😃

Shandra Madsen's photo.


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Story Updates

March 12, 2016 Book Updates and Tid Bits  No comments

So this past few months has been a roller coaster of crazy! I have learned a great deal on this journey and these last few months is nothing shy of consistent. So, since the release of, The Barrier, in November I have watched with enthusiasm, the success and the apparent not success. I have searched the internet for information on what I may or may not be doing right. I must say it’s not easy to sift through the stuff and find what will work for me. The thing I don’t like is the guessing game, try this and try that. Well in the madness a sudden realization came that I didn’t meet one of my own deadlines, to get the Queen Ambrosia story finished by Jan. Well here it is March when the Minca’s story was supposed to be done and wow, its not even conceived in my brain...

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Thing I have learned since deciding to write a book….

March 9, 2016 Things that happen in my life!  One comment

It’s interesting to me how life goes sometimes. Like I said in my bio, as I was pondering how I could contribute to the world and my family after my youngest was older and having to take care of my disabled mother, I was prompted to write a book. And like I said I had no idea how to do that. Well these are some things that I have learned in the six years or so since that day.

First, that writing has nothing to do with reading. Yeah, that sounds wrong, but it’s true. It has little to do with imagination, creativity, or especial grammar (that’s what editors are for). What it does have to do with is desire, persistence, passion, and endurance. The last has been the hardest...

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Why I write YA Action Adventure

March 8, 2016 Things that happen in my life!  No comments

I was asked recently why I didn’t write Romance, at first I didn’t know what to say. So I asked, “What do you mean?” This person replied, “Well, your a woman, and most female authors write romance.” I was shocked and kind of peeved. Well ok, a lot peeved. But then I started thinking, and yes there are a great many female authors that write romance of some sort. I decided  not to be upset and thought I was going to set this person straight. So I said, “Well if it goes fast, blows up, or is riddled with bullet holes I’m all over that.” In which they replied, “But don’t you just love a happy ending?” I decided I  would take the chance and said, “Yes, I do, especially when the bad guy gets his but kicked.” Our conversation quickly ended with a truce. Haha!

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